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Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Bike Do I Need?

Your height determines your bike.

You should also consider riding experience and your goals for the bike

(tricks, transportation, speed, etc.)

Below are suggested bike sizes based on height:

12" Bike: 2'2" Thru 3'

14" Bike: 2'6" Thru 3'6"

16" Bike: 3' Thru 3'10"

18" Bike: 3'8" Thru 4'10"

20" Bike: 4'6" and Up

24" Bike: 4'6 and Up

26" Bike: 5' and Up

29" Bike: 5'2" and Up

I would like an estimate on a repair?

If you would like an estimate on a repair before you schedule an appointment please

call us at 973-996-2080 or email us at

and one of our bicycle specialist will be able to assist you.

How long do repairs take?

We do our best to get bike in and out the same day when possible.

Depending on the repair we typical have bikes done within 72 hour. 

How long do I have to pick up my bike after its repair?

We will contact you as soon as your bike is ready for pick- up after repair.

You will have 72 hours to schedule a drop off or pick up your bicycle.

After 72 hours you will be charged a $5 storage fee per day

until you schedule a drop off or pick up your bicycle.


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